A new stamp on a classic: Traditional anniversary gift ideas by year

A new stamp on a classic: Traditional anniversary gift ideas by year

No matter if it’s for him, her or them, we know how difficult it can be to buy for a key milestone anniversary. Whether it’s to celebrate a marriage, partnership, or even a long-term employee, knowing how to turn a tradition into a personal gift can be hard. 

But we’ve got you covered! See below for inspiration for traditional gifts for key milestones, with a unique, eco-friendly twist.


Three-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Leather

Of course, at Paguro Upcycle we only sell ethical, upcycled, vegan goods. But did you know that inner tube material makes an excellent vegan leather replacement? We have a number of inner tube bags  and jewellery for all purposes lovingly handcrafted by our range of artisanal experts from across the world. 

Our inner tube wallets, pouches, backpacks and handbags all have their own distinctive character, with unique designs.  Or, you could gift one of our most popular products - the inner tube star necklace.

See all inner tube products.


Five-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Wood

When you think of wood being upcycled, you often think of furniture. But did you know that it can also be turned into intricate jewellery? At Paguro Upcycle, we have necklaces, pendants, earrings and more made out of contemporary wood. 

And you can rest assured that any wooden item you gift to your loved one will not just be beautiful, elegant and ethical - it will also be unique. Due to the items being made from the likes of recycled skateboards, every design is slightly different, with various details on the wood. 

See all contemporary wood jewellery.


SIx-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Iron/Candy

The six-year anniversary is one of the few which have two traditions. Candy represents sweetness, and shows your love for one another which has already lasted more than half a decade. Iron stands to show strength, something which lasts and stands the test of time. 

If you can’t decide whether to get one of them, or gifts which represent both materials, we’ve got you covered. 

Stainless steel is predominantly made from iron and carbon. Our recycled bike chain items are perfect for someone looking to make a statement. Handmade from broken or excess bike chains, our Diamond Stainless Steel Bicycle Chain Earrings are handmade in the UK, sourced and salvaged from bicycle repair shops in Nottingham. 

And for candy? We can’t think of anything better than our Candy Upcycled Electrical Wire Earrings, designed to look exactly like the candy canes from our childhood. We think this is a great accompaniment for a bag of candy which is likely to disappear in two minutes...

Seven-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Copper

Copper represents prosperity, good luck and good fortune. Brass is made from copper and zinc, and our new 24-gold-plated brass eco-friendly zodiac necklaces are perfect for the astrology lover in your life. 

After being with someone for so long, we know that it can be hard to think of new gift ideas! But these necklaces are ideal for a personalised gift to show someone you care.


Ten-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Tin/Aluminium

Congratulations on making it to a decade! The 10th year is traditionally marked with tin or aluminum to mark the durability and flexibility (aka compromise) which is required to sustain a long-term relationship. 

Our EggGold Elegant Teardrop Resin Earrings have a wow factor, which is actually achieved by the wrappers from chocolate coin foil! You can’t tell when wearing them, but when you get compliments, we guarantee it makes for an excellent dinner party conversation. 

25-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Silver

No matter what you’re celebrating, the 25th anniversary is a milestone. Silver is most commonly used in gifts for this anniversary due to its pure radiance. At this stage, some want to gift a wonderful keepsake which people can look back on and cherish for years to come. 

We have a number of earrings with sterling silver hooks and embellishments, such as our Conture Recycled Wood Silver Earrings, and our Raindrop Recycled Rubber Earrings.

For the men in your life, we also have Recycled Bicycle Chain Cufflinks, which combine bicycle chains with silver-plated links.  


50-year anniversary gift ideas

Tradition: Gold

The most timeless material - gold represents a lifetime worth of love, devotion and attachment. It’s also the most treasured material. 

For yours, or a loved ones 50th anniversary, we have some conventional, and unconventional gifts on offer. 

Alongside our 24-gold-plated eco-friendly zodiac necklaces mentioned above, we also have gold-plated earrings perfect for people who have loved to travel the last 50 years. Our Rice Terrace Eco-friendly Recycled Wood Gold Earrings represent Bali’s Rice Terraces, and our Hill Eco-friendly Recycled Wood Gold Earrings show that while you may have had a hard climb to get to 50 years, it was all worth it for the experience and the view from the top. 

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