A Big Thank You This International Women's Day

A Big Thank You This International Women's Day

On this International Women's Day, I would like to shine a spotlight on the incredible Yen Wei Goo, the driving force behind Paguro Upcycle. Yen's story is not just about creating a successful business; it's about hard work, determination, and her unwavering belief that positive change can be sparked from reimagining the ordinary.


You can find the story of Paguro Upcycle across various articles on our website, but that is not what I want to cover today. Yen's story isn't just about business growth. Becoming a first-time mum has brought a new dimension to her journey. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with running a sustainable business, Yen exemplifies the strength and grace that women bring to every facet of life.


As a team member of Paguro for 21 months now, I can personally vouch for all of the amazing work Yen does. She has kept our little team of sustainability enthusiasts afloat with her positivity and inspiration to make a change in the world, however big or small. I, for one, will always be incredibly grateful for the opportunities Yen has provided me.


Unlike many employers in this field who often turn away students due to inexperience or offer only unpaid internships, Yen went out of her way to ensure I received fair compensation for my work despite the challenges that come with being a small business. She even entrusted me with responsibilities that typically surpass those offered in an entry-level job. I am deeply honoured for the enriching experience Yen and Paguro has provided, making me feel that I am genuinely contributing to a role of value and importance without being judged on my limited past experience.


For me, I most admire Yen's positivity and joy for her work. Every team meeting is met with laughter, joy, and an unwavering optimistic atmosphere. I think that's what makes a small business like Paguro Upcycle stand out - the people behind the brand are fuelled by passion and drive, with a deep and genuine love for their company. Something that cannot be rivalled or competed against.


As a mum, entrepreneur, and advocate for sustainable living, Yen's journey is a celebration of the extraordinary contributions that women make to the world.


Happy International Women's Day to Yen and all the incredible women shaping the future!


Love from, Paguro Upcycle x

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