Sustainable Travel: Your Guide to Eco-friendly Travel

Sustainable Travel: Your Guide to Eco-friendly Travel

Sustainable travel is all about finding eco-friendly alternatives to the way we get to work, go on holiday or get about the city. Transportation accumulates to nearly 28.5% of greenhouses gas emissions and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. What are the alternatives you ask? There are hundreds of ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to travelling. It’s just about making sustainable travel choices.

Bike Life

One sustainable travel trend that has grown over the last couple of years is the rise in bicycle riders and city centres offering bike renting schemes.

Combining sustainable travel and the modern world has produced a great eco travel alternative. Alongside highly populated city centres like Manchester, Cambridge and Newcastle, lots of cities are now offering bike hire services.

As strange as it sounds it is a great sustainable travel option. Using your smartphone and debit card you can easily pick up a bike and drop it off somewhere convenient to you.

The cycle hire scheme is a great initiative and 100% eco-friendly. With low running costs and lots of available cycles around most popular city centres, it would seem strange to use anything else if you’re only going a short distance.

Train and Tram Travel

A perfect sustainable travel alternative for longer journeys is trains and trams. Public transport is a great alternative to single trip car travels on your own.

Surely it’s better to have 100 people on a train than 100 cars on the road?

Using public transport is not always eco-friendly but it does help reduce some of the damage. Trains and trams are also great ways to skip traffic and queues if you live or work in busy city centres.

You don’t always need to think of trains and trams as public sustainable travel schemes. They offer a lot of opportunities that your car can’t give you. Direct and shorter routes, the chance to get work done and no need to find a parking space mean that trains and trams are perfect driving alternatives.

Walking Wonders

If you hadn’t thought of this sustainable travel method already, walking could be just what you need.

If you feel like you have become reliant on cars or buses it might be time to switch out the bad travel for something cleaner.

Walking is convenient, good for you, free and it saves the planet. What better reasons are there to ditch your car and give walking a try.

If you’re lucky enough to live and work in a city centre, walking is your perfect sustainable travel solution. Most places within city centres are all within walking distance and if you’re looking to add a little more healthy to your life without going to the gym, walking could be the travel method for you.

Alternative Modes

If any of the above sustainable travel ideas haven’t sparked your exploring side, it might be time for something more niche and unique. Skateboarding, rollerblading and car sharing are all sustainable and fun ways to travel, you can learn a new talent or make a new friend all while doing your bit for the environment. For a lot of people, travelling is a pain or burden, so finding ways that fun and enjoyable can make that early morning commute to work a little less dull.

Learning to the love the environment doesn’t take a lot of time and trouble, it’s just about making small changes to your day to day life, starting with transport. Switching to sustainable travel can open you up to new opportunities all while reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re a fan of mother nature then eco-travel could be your way of helping save the planet while exploring it. Believe it or not, travel can be environmentally friendly, from the plane you take to the hotel you stay in, there are several ways that you can do your bit for the environment while you’re on your expeditions.

Eco-travel doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, in fact, it can make your sightseeing simpler and more sustainable. Let’s look at the top three ways you can make your excursions more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly travel – How you can do your bit for mother nature

Transportation has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the travel part of any holiday is still quickly overlooked. Many travellers hop straight on a plane purely for ease and speed.

However, there are alternatives to fuel-consuming air polluting modes of transport.

Eco Transport

Eco-friendly travel can easily be achieved by taking the time to source alternative methods:

  • local trips
  • trains
  • cycling
  • public transport

These are all great ways to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to travelling. If you’re still not won over by any of these ideas shorter plane rides are a great way of exploring closer to home without the atmospheric impact.

If you’re the type that’s into eco-travel there are lots of opportunities for you to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s just about finding the right one to suit you. Most eco-travel alternatives often propose deals and offers making their travel not only eco-friendly but cheaper too, so there really is no excuse for you not to travel greener.

Green Hotels

Souring out a hotel or some form of accommodation that does its bit for the environment is also a great way to enhance eco-friendly travel.

If you do your research you will often find eco-travel destinations and hotels that are signed up to various country or international schemes that are aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

By looking in the right places you can easily find eco-friendly hotels that are wholly committed to conserving, protecting and enjoying the environment all while enhancing the guest experience.

Even the most popular of holiday booking websites are now offering an eco-travel option to their hotels making it easier for you to find the perfect environmentally friendly destination for your next excursion.

Eco-hotels have become an increasingly popular alternative in the tourism industry making them the easy alternative for those who are interested in doing their bit for the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Packing

We all know the great plastic debate has changed a lot over the last few months, including the way we travel.

Eco-travel has never been easier, with so many eco-friendly products on the market it makes travelling green easier than ever. Smaller carry bags and rucksacks help you avoid the temptations of plastics as the bag size limits your consumption habits.

Moreover, it’s not just about how much you can take with you but the products you use. Eco-travel has never been easier, with reusable bags, bottles and cutlery, organic sunscreen, solar chargers and eco-friendly luggage, the eco-travel market is making sure that travel is more sustainable and supportable than ever.

Eco-travel isn’t just about how you get there or where you stay, it’s also about reducing the waste you create while you’re there. Stay clear from plastics and non-recyclables and you can have a green holiday that is fun and does its bit for mother nature.

Learning to travel green doesn’t have to be hard, sustainable travel is about knowing how to make the most of travel alternatives. At Paguro, we focus on environmentally friendly products and ethics that focus on craftsmanship and design. Go online to find out more about how we repurpose a range of materials in desirable and elegant ways.

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