Sustainable Technology: Green Tips for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Sustainable Technology: Green Tips for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Chapter 3: Green Tech Tips for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In an era where the echoes of environmental concerns reverberate louder than ever before, the realm of technology has emerged as a beacon of hope. Discover our innovative top tips and smart practices that can help you minimise electronic waste and reduce your carbon footprint in the digital era.


  1. Only charge your phone when necessary: I recently made the decision that I am no longer going to charge my phone overnight when I sleep. It is a convenient time, but a phone doesn't take 8hrs to charge… instead, I plug it in as soon as I wake up and let it charge while I am going about my morning routine. It is always ready by the time I need to leave the house.
  2. Unplug chargers when not in use to prevent "phantom" energy consumption
  3. Try out our 3 in 1 Mobile Stand & Earphone Organiser Keyring: This amazing design trebles as a keyring, mobile holder and earphone holder. It is handcrafted by a keen skater who is passionate about upcycling. He saw that many broken boards get discarded, so he decided to use his handicraft skills to give abandoned skateboards a second life. 
  4. Use solar energy charges for your smartphones and tablets
  5. Energy-Efficient Gaming: Gamers can reduce their carbon footprint by optimising their gaming setups for energy efficiency. Use energy-saving settings on gaming consoles, choose gaming PCs with high-efficiency power supplies, and consider gaming monitors with eco-mode features.
  6. Repair your broken or faulty devices to extend the lifespan of your gadgets and reduce electronic waste
  7. Use rechargeable batteries where possible
  8. Digital decluttering: Regularly clean up and organise your digital life. Delete old files, unsubscribe from unnecessary emails, and back up important data on the cloud. Reducing digital clutter can lower the demand for server space and energy consumption.
  9. Donate your old devices to schools and other institutions
  10. Switch to a sustainable search engine like EcosiaIt is free to add as a Chrome extension and they use some of their profits to plant trees, and they run on 100% renewable energy.
  11. If you do need to buy new appliances, look second hand first: But if you can’t find something second-hand, buy energy-efficient technology.
  12. Protect your phone with our Recycled Rubber Phone CaseSimple, elegant and well-crafted, the Riley Phone Case uses reclaimed rubber from tyre inner tubes to give your phone strong and durable protection. The water-resistant inner tube case is lined with velvet so that your phone slides out with ease and also minimises the risk of scratches.
  13. Choose sustainable web hosting: If you run a website or blog, opt for a web hosting service that relies on renewable energy sources. This choice supports sustainable practices in the tech industry.
  14. Dispose of old or broken electronics responsibly through certified e-waste recycling centres
  15. Low-Energy Screen Savers: Opt for static or black screen savers instead of dynamic animations, which consume more energy. Better yet, set your display to sleep mode or turn it off when not in use.
  16. Switch to cloud computing and move away from physical hard drives and servers
  17. Support sustainable Tech Brands: Look for brands committed to using recycled materials, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  18. Energy-Efficient Network Devices: Choose routers, modems, and switches that have energy-saving features and power-down options when not in use.


By implementing these frequently overlooked tips for sustainable technology, you can contribute to a more environmentally friendly digital footprint and ensure that technology remains a force for positive change in the world. Let's embrace innovation while protecting our planet for future generations.


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