Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Shopping on Your European Holiday

Your Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Shopping on Your European Holiday

Discover Sustainable and Ethical Shopping Gems Across Europe: Your Ultimate Holiday Guide

Planning a European holiday is always exciting, but why not make it even more special by incorporating some sustainable and ethical shopping into your itinerary? Europe is home to a plethora of stores that prioritise eco-friendly practices, ethical production, and upcycling. Here’s a guide to some top destinations and the best places to shop for those committed to conscious consumerism.




- Emmaüs l'Alternative: Dive into the heart of Parisian sustainability at Emmaüs l'Alternative, nestled in the 2nd arrondissement. This shop, part of the Emmaüs network, offers a treasure trove of second-hand and upcycled goods, from furniture to fashion, all supporting social causes.

- Carbone 14: Experience sustainable style with a Parisian flair at Carbone 14. This e-shop specialises in upcycled and sustainable fashion, crafting small series collections exclusively from existing materials.

- Nyoco: "Sustainable meets cool" at Nyoco, where eco-conscious fashionistas find inspiration. From deadstock materials to biodegradable fibers, Nyoco's upcycling chain breathes new life into second-hand materials season after season.



- Rouspette:  Navigate through a curated selection of sustainable and upcycled products at Rouspette's e-commerce marketplace. From clothing to home décor, it's a haven for ethical shoppers seeking unique finds.

- Postérieur: With such an incredible name, this innovative store take damaged and unworn shirts and transform them into boxer shorts and cargo shorts. Either purchase from their collection on site or send your own shirt to be upcycled into some new underwear/shorts for your wardrobe.




- Shackled by Lumn: Handmade cute streetwear, this Spanish brand focuses on creating stylish, upcycled clothing and accessories. Their innovative use of materials and commitment to sustainability make them a must-visit for eco-conscious fashionistas.



- Ecoalf: Renowned for its sustainable fashion, Ecoalf transforms recycled materials into high-quality clothing. In 2018, Ecoalf was the first fashion brand in Spain to receive the B Corp certification. Having the B Corporation certification means meeting the highest social and environmental standards. Their flagship store in Madrid is a testament to what can be achieved through thoughtful design and production. Other stores include Paris, Tokyo and Milan.




- Wrad: In the beginning, Wrad was just was an Instagram page and non-profit educational movement focused on raising awareness around the true impact of clothing – but then quickly evolved into a sustainable innovator. A synergic R&D program, ultimately led to a brand offering liberating apparel that reflects a commitment to education, design, and innovation. They still position themselves as a consulting studio and creative agency focused on education, design and innovation.



- Re(f)use: Embrace the art of reuse at Re(f)use, dedicated to fashion and design made from refused materials. Their bags and accessories showcase the enormous creativity of international and Italian artists - especially Carmina Campus, who opened the boutique - while championing sustainability.




- ReTuna: Experience shopping in a climate-smart way at ReTuna, the world's first recycling mall. Revolutionising how we shop, old items are given new life through repair and upcycling. Everything sold is recycled or reused or has been organically or sustainably produced, creating a circular economy in Eskilstuna.




- Glore: A leading name in sustainable fashion, Glore offers a wide range of eco-friendly brands. Their range is characterised by a select mix of well-known, international brands and smaller, local labels. It is in line with Glore's philosophy to also offer a platform to young, up-and-coming designers who produce with sustainability in mind. Across Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the concept stores are a haven for those looking to shop ethically.



- DearGoods: This store combines vegan, fair-trade, and eco-friendly principles in its fashion offerings. Shopping here ensures that you’re supporting ethical practices every step of the way.




- Upcycling Deluxe: Born at a Berlin student's kitchen table, Upcycling Deluxe is Germany's largest online shop for upcycling design. Specialising in collections made from unique materials, such as reclaimed cement bags and recycled water packets, they offer an array of products from fashion to home décor. Every item has a unique story, making your purchases truly one-of-a-kind. Our favourite is the Flip-flop collection which takes old washed-up sandals and transforms them into decorative animal home accessories.


Why Shop Sustainably? 

Shopping sustainably and ethically not only supports the environment but also helps promote fair labour practices and reduce waste. By choosing stores that prioritise these values, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future and often acquiring unique, high-quality items with a story behind them.


So, as you plan your European adventure, make sure to add these sustainable and ethical stores to your itinerary. Not only will you bring back wonderful memories, but you’ll also be supporting businesses that make a positive impact on the world.


Happy travels and happy shopping!

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