Product Spotlight: Outdoor Accessories for all your Adventures #SustainableSummer

Product Spotlight: Outdoor Accessories for all your Adventures #SustainableSummer

Over the next few months, we’re going to be sharing blogs, tips, and tricks to help you have a #SustainableSummer. We’ll highlight the sustainable outdoors accessories you can use when you’re walking, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors.

We’ll also share ideas for how you can transform your wardrobe, whether you want to create the perfect summer capsule wardrobe, beat the airplane luggage hikes, or completely overhaul your wardrobe as sustainably as possible. 

Our Sustainable Father’s Day Gift Guide will also be bigger and better than ever before, so watch this space.

For now, we’re going to highlight the sustainable outdoor products that are durable, waterproof, and made from a host of interesting materials. The advantages of these products include the fact they are easy to clean and look after, as well as being unique. If you’re wondering how they’re unique, it’s because of the materials that are recycled and reused.

For instance, this is the Soldier Waterproof Vegan Backpack with Laptop Compartment made from upcycled military tent canvas.

It’s available in two colours (olive or black) and is great for every day commuting as well as special adventures. The tent canvas was especially chosen because of its durability and waterproof qualities. To read the full description, visit this link

Going for a longer adventure? Hoping to beat the airline baggage price rises? You should consider the Waterproof Roll Top Vegan Backpack!

The storage space (25-30L) can be increased or decreased by using the compression straps on the sides and roll top. This makes it great for travelling and day hikes, especially if you want to take cameras or other tech equipment to help you capture every moment. This backpack includes a 15 inch padded laptop compartment. View the backpack here.

The Ando Slimline Inner Tube Vegan Backpack is the perfect addition to your sustainable summer wardrobe if you want to add a touch of style to your hike in the countryside. It’s also ideal for festivals – wherever you’re going. 

Made from recycled inner tubes, the soft yet flexible material will sit comfortably on your back. It’s ideal for festivals, events, and walks as there is an internal pocket and two zip pockets to keep your valuables safe. Get yours here!

If you’re planning to get away for the bank holiday weekend (or longer), the Ranger Water Resistant Duffle Vegan Gym Bag is perfect. It’s made of both recycled military canvas and reclaimed inner tyre tube. It has two handles, so it’s easily carried and features two compartments that can be zipped – one inside and one outside. Find out more here!

Looking for something a little smaller? But still sustainably made and easy to look after? We’ve got you covered!

This is the Jen Foldover Recycled Rubber Vegan Crossbody Bag (available in six colours). It’s perfect for everyday use, festivals, events, and outdoor adventures. It’s made from reclaimed inner tubes of bus and truck tyres and features a distinctive pattern.

The foldover design means the space inside the bag can be increased or decreased depending on your needs. The crossbody strap is adjustable, so you can wear it as long or short as you want. Pick your colour here!

Want to get out on your bike more this summer, but always struggle to keep your valuables safe? The Kenny Eco Bike Saddle Bag could be the answer to your problems. It’s handmade from reclaimed bike tyres, bike inner tubes, and military canvas.

It brings together functionality and style for all cyclists. A Velcro strap is included so you can attach it to your saddle and easily adjust it. Find out more here!

The last option for you to consider, which is ideal for festivals, walks, jogging, and outdoor pursuits, is the Platoon Recycled Canvas Vegan Fanny Pack. It is unisex and features a non-slip strap that can be adjusted. You can wear it around your waist or across your body depending on your preference or outfit. You can find out more here.

All the other bags and backpacks featured in this blog are made in an eco-friendly way, from sustainable materials. The great thing about these bags is the fact they are durable, easy to clean, and stylish. There’s something for everyone, regardless of your style or outdoor activities this summer.

Have you picked a favourite? We’d love to know how you’re planning to have a #SustainableSummer!

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