Kids turn into Fashion Designers for Paguro one-of-a-kind Competition

Kids turn into Fashion Designers for Paguro one-of-a-kind Competition

For many of us, we’re at our most creative when we’re young. We have more active imaginations, ones which are less constrained by rationale and what’s worked in the past. As a result, we took advantage of those most creative when it came to designing our newest piece of jewellery!

In July, we asked children across social media to design their own original piece of jewellery that they would like to see brought to life, and keep for themselves or gift to a loved one… and you delivered.

We got a number of amazing entries from our young eco-warriors across the UK, and it was hard to pick just one - there are some talented youngsters out there! We decided to do this competition to encourage young people, as they grow up, that ethical jewellery does not have to be limited to specific designs.

Elissia, Aged 10

After a hard judging process, we named Elissia, aged 10, as the winner, bringing two of her designs to life - a pair of earrings made from reclaimed skateboard, and a bracelet made from inner tubes.

For most of us, our inner fashion designer is confined to the scrapbook, but for Elissia, her drawing has been turned into a unique, real design. Many of our products are one-of-a-kind due to the nature of upcycling items which are never 100% the same. But for Elissia, we’ve gone one step further - no one in the world will have a bracelet similar to her!

We chose her design due to the detailed nature of each item, and the fact that she'd thought outside of the box and created an entire range of the same design - a bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings!

And here is the final result!


Other Entries

But while Elissia won, we wanted to highlight some of the other fantastic designs that were sent into us and were worthy runners up!

Annika, Age 9


Diane, aged 9


Lia, aged 4


About Elissia

Elissia is a ten-year-old girl who loves creating things. She uses any materials she can get hold of around the house or in nature. She recently made a pair of earrings using a magazine cover! Elissia is always keen to delve into creating new designs, so the Paguro Upcycle Facebook competition was an excellent opportunity to unleash her imagination. She worked on this design with the material in mind to make sure that her creation could be made possible, and she is thrilled with how the final product turned out!


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