How to Make Our Handmade Resin Earrings

How to Make Our Handmade Resin Earrings
Watch our step-by-step guide on how we make our Resin Earrings.
  1. Combine a hardening agent with natural plant resin.
  2. Pour onto a plate and add in the skateboard shavings.
  3. Leave it overnight to set.
  4. Draw the pattern of the earrings on to the set resin.
  5. Saw out the shape of the earrings.
  6. Sand the resin with water and sandpaper until it shines.
  7. Wipe with olive oil and polish.
  8. Drill a hole and add the loop and studs.


 What do you need to make resin earrings?

To make our resin earrings, you need the following materials and equipment:

  • Hardening agent
  • Natural plant resin
  • Pencil and paper to create the design
  • Vertical saw to cut out the earring shapes
  • Sandpaper and water for smoothing
  • Cloth to wipe away excess water
  • Olive oil for shine
  • Drill to make the holes for the rings
  • Earring loops and studs

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