Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2023: All Things Vegan, Sustainable, Cruelty-Free

Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2023: All Things Vegan, Sustainable, Cruelty-Free

Get your diaries at the ready! Mother’s Day is taking place on Sunday 19 March 2023 in the UK this year, and you know what we can guarantee? That time is going to whiz by, and Mother’s Day will be here before we know it, because it always does.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide–to take the stress and hassle out of Mother’s Day and help you find a truly unique gift that is vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free. At Paguro Upcycle, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone, no matter the occasion, your style, or budget.

So, without further ado, here is a selection of vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free products available from Paguro Upcycle we think mums everywhere will love:

Handbags & purses:

Rika Spacious Inner Tube Vegan Tote Bag (3 colours available), £145.00

Ideal for busy mums who need a bag that can do it all! This spacious tote has room for everything you might need in a day, plus it shows why reclaimed inner tubes are the ideal alternative to leather. Not only is this material durable, but because of the materials used, each item is unique.

Ando Slimline Inner Tube Vegan Backpack, £130.00

Simple and compact without compromising on style and quality, the Ando Slimline Inner Tube Vegan Backpack is ideal for days out, festivals, brunch, and everyday use. It comes with one internal fastened pocket and two internal zip pockets so you can keep all your essentials safe. It’s made from reclaimed inner tube, which is a great alternative to leather.

Reina Black Vegan Handbag, £75.00

Handcrafted from recycled rubber, the Reina Black Vegan Handbag is perfect for everyday wear but can also be dressed up with a little black dress. It’s versatile and practical as it is fabric lined and has multiple compartments. You can wear it on your shoulder or cross-body depending on your mood or style.


Squad Vegan Crossbody Sling Hobo Bag, £88.00

Lightweight, durable, water resistant, and bohemian in style, the Squad Vegan Crossbody Sling Hobo bag has it all. It’s large and features an adjustable strap, so it can either be worn crossbody on the front or back. This makes it ideal for cyclists and everyday use during trips and adventures. The materials used include reclaimed military canvas and recycled rubber from tyre inner tubes.

Caroline Long Zip Vegan Purse (6 colours available), £70.00

A classic design with an eco-twist, the Caroline features vibrant stitching to contrast the recycled inner tube material. The purse includes multiple card compartments, a sleeve for notes, and a zip compartment for coins. It is practical, yet stylish. Due to the nature of the materials used, as they’re all recycled, each item is unique.

Costa Vegan Wristlet Purse (4 colours available), £50.00

If you prefer to travel light when you’re out, the Costa is ideal because you can store your tech and money while wearing it on your wrist. There’s a secure compartment for your cards and cash, but there’s also a compartment for your mobile. The wrist strap is detachable, depending on your mood and style. It’s lined with velvet for a touch of luxury and is made using cruelty-free methods and materials, so suitable for vegans and anyone interested in eco-friendly and sustainable products.


Jasmine Recycled Rubber Necklace, £38.00

Ideal if your mum loves to make a bold statement through her jewellery. The Jasmine Recycled Rubber Necklace is the perfect sentimental gift for Mother’s Day as Jasmine symbolises love, beauty, and modesty. This item is hand cut and made from reclaimed rubber, which is great for vegans and eco-friendly people interested in a durable yet stylish alternative to leather.

Flare Reclaimed Rubber Necklace, £36.00

A beautiful, layered choker, the Flare Reclaimed Rubber Necklace was inspired by the planets, which are reflected in the design. It’s a bold piece that makes a statement but is versatile enough to be paired with any outfit. As with all Paguro Upcycle’s products, this beautiful necklace is handmade using reclaimed materials, which makes it unique because every item sourced is slightly different.


Pisces Zodiac Sign Sustainable Necklace, £45.00 (available for all star signs)

If your mum is crazy about astrology, always reads her star sign, and loves hearing about other people’s star signs, this is the perfect gift. It’s a handmade pendant made from a recycled wood and plant resin. It’s glitzy and sparkly, so perfect for a touch of glamour. The necklace is 45cm long, but could easily be adjusted if preferred. 

Florence Thin Inner Tube Bracelet, £23.00

Paguro Upcycle offers a variety of bracelets. The Florence Thin Inner Tube Bracelet is one of the slimmest we offer. It’s contemporary in style and has been intricately cut with a geometric wave design. It feels soft because of the material used (soft, pliable reclaimed rubber) and is easy to clean and maintain. It matches any outfit and can subtly sit alongside other jewellery or worn as a standalone piece.

Blossom Flower 3D Upcycle Bracelet, £26.00

Elegant in design, the Blossom Flower 3D Upcycle Bracelet is one of our mid-size bracelets, not as slimline as the Florence, but slimmer than some of the other styles. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear and can be paired with any outfit: casual, dressed up, everyday wear, and workwear. It can be worn as a statement piece, or it can be subtly paired with other pieces.

Seraphine (II) Recycled Rubber Bracelet, £26.00

The Seraphine (II) provides a super cute floral design within a fuller bracelet, which makes it a great statement piece. It can be paired with any outfit and a matching necklace and earring set. It comes in a luxury gift box and is made from reclaimed rubber - the perfect alternative to leather. 

Tear Recycled Skateboard Stud Earrings, £17.00

One of our newest designs, the Tear Recycled Skateboard Stud Earrings – as the name suggests – are made from recycled skateboard. They’re eye-catching and bright in design because of the colourful layers of reclaimed plywood. Each pair is unique – no two are the same – because of the materials used and they’re the perfect gift for the adventurous mum who is interested in sustainable and eco-friendly living.

Shari Geometric Statement Resin Earrings, £30.00

Help your mum make a big, bold statement with our Shari Geometric Statement Resin Earrings. They’re made from a combination of resin and wood, which creates a stained glass effect. The vibrant tones make them eye-catching and can help your mum standout. They’re lightweight dangle earrings, so can be paired with jeans and a nice top or formal wear. 

Coral Eco-friendly Recycled Wood & Gold Earrings, £35.00

One of our newest and most popular items currently available, our Coral Eco-friendly Recycled Wood & Gold Earrings, is especially perfect for seaside, ocean, and beach lovers. They’re available in four colours: purple, pink, yellow, and brown, so there’s something for everyone. These earrings are beautiful in design. They’re dangle and made by using offcuts from teak and jackfruit woods that have been salvaged from local factories.  

Home accessories:

Herringbone Pattern Round Wooden Serving Tray, £99.00

For a double surprise this Mother’s Day, why not opt for the Herringbone Pattern Round Wooden Serving Tray? You could serve your mum breakfast in bed and give her a new tray at the same time. It can be used as a practical item, but it can also be used as a beautiful side display for candles, flowers, and nibbles. If your mum is crazy about stylish homeware and embracing the latest trends, this is the perfect gift.

Upcycled Handmade Small Wooden Bowl (2 patterns), £18.00

Aside from being limited edition, our Upcycled Handmade Small Wooden Bowls are the perfect gift for anyone who loves homeware because of their stylish design but also the usefulness. They’re the perfect accompaniment for a quiet pamper or film night. Just stock up on your mum’s favourite nibbles to go with them. They’re handmade, made using reclaimed solid hardwoods such as teak, rosewood, and jackfruit, which is why they’re so distinctive. 

Upcycled Wooden Measuring Spoons, £23.00

Does your mum love to bake or cook? This is the perfect gift for the health-conscious, at-home MasterChef, or bake-off fanatic mum. Each set contains four spoons that cater to all measuring needs. Each spoon is engraved with the measurement size, so there won’t be any mistakes. These spoons are the perfect alternative to plastic measuring spoons if your mum is trying to increase her sustainability.

 Have you been inspired by our gift guide? What will you be buying your mum for Mother’s Day this year? We’d love to hear from you on social media!

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