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27 of our favourite quirky Father’s Day Gifts for 2022

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show your appreciation than by picking up a gift that is as unique as your dad or father figure? We know how hard it can be to break away from the traditional list (tie, socks, booze, something comical, a puzzle), which is why we’re here. 

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional approach, it can get harder to find something different each year. That’s why we’re going to share 27 of our favourite quirky products to suit all tastes and budgets.

As a bonus, every item featured has been made from recycled materials destined for the landfill and manufactured in an ethical and sustainable way. This means the artisans behind it are paid fairly for their work and the final product is unique because of the materials used.

1. For the Tony Hawk Wannabe: Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keyring

Does your dad reminisce about when he used to skate everywhere to get around? If he does, this could be the perfect gift. It’s handmade from recycled skateboard and unique as the pattern and colour on each varies depending on the materials available at the time of production. 

£12.00 available here

2. For the Biker Dad: Recycled Rubber Motorbike Tyre Vegan Belt

Practical yet stylish and made from reclaimed rubber from worn tyres. It’s hard wearing, so perfect for active dads and eco-friendly.

£40.00 sizes S-XL available here

3. Recycled Bike Chain Vegan Keyring

How often does your dad lose his keys? Does he put them down and spend an age looking for them only to realise they’re hanging up or in a coat pocket? Our Recycled Bike Chain Keyring is the ideal solution as the key chain is double ended. There’s a keyring on one side and a clasp on the other.

£11.00 available in five colours here 

4. For the Cyclist/Engineer/DIY-er/Man-Cave-Dweller: Recycled Bicycle Chain Cufflinks

Whether your dad is a keen cyclist, engineer, or DIY-er who simply loves crafting or finding out how things work, these cufflinks are perfect. They’re made using UK-sourced bike chains and the links are silver-plated.

£30.00 available in three colours here

5. George Inner Tube Vegan Wallet

If your dad needs a new wallet and you want to encourage them to make sustainable choices, look no further. Our George Inner Tube Vegan Wallet is made from reclaimed inner tubes and includes eight card compartments and a full note-length pocket. Although the wallet is black, you can choose a different colour (pick from eight) for the stitching, so it contrasts.

£40.00 browse the colours available here

6. For the Minimalist Cyclist: Kenny Eco Bike Saddle Bag

Do you worry about your dad when he goes cycling, but he says he doesn’t want to take his phone? The Kenny Eco Bike Saddle Bag is compact, waterproof, lightweight, stylish and perfect for biking adventures. It’s available in two different colours and is spacious enough to store a phone, bank cards, or cash - the essentials.

£50.00 available here

7. Thor Double Ended Inner Tube Vegan Keyring

This keyring is designed so your dad can clip his keys to a belt loop or backpack for added security and accessibility. It’s durable as it’s made from a leather alternative (recycled inner bike tube).

£18.00 available in five different colours here

8. For the Adventurer: Soldier Waterproof Vegan Backpack with Laptop Compartment

The Soldier Waterproof Vegan Backpack is the must-have accessory for the adventurer dad. It’s also got a laptop compartment, which means it can easily double up as a commuter bag for everyday use. It’s super strong and features a fold’n’roll top to ensure everything inside is protected from the elements. The capacity is 15-20L.

£150.00 available in two colours here

9. For the Dad who doesn’t carry cash: Walter Vegan Slimline Card Holder

Times are changing and often a card is more useful than cash these days. That’s why our Walter Vegan Slimline Card Holder makes an ideal gift. It is black and made from recycled rubber, but it’s available in eight different colours that you can add for contrast. It has a fabric lining and includes three different compartments for all your dad's cards.

£28.00 available here 

10. For the Artist: Dotty Multi Design Eco-Friendly Pencil/Pen Holder

This is fun, practical, and upcycled. If your dad is always drawing, sketching, or colouring, this is a great gift idea. It is perfect for an office, study room, or man cave. It’s made from reclaimed rubber from inner tubes, so it is durable and easy to clean.

£28.00 available here

11. For the Traveller: Kamperfuli Upcycled Seatbelt Multipurpose Vegan Travel Pouch

This multipurpose pouch is versatile and useful. It has been handmade from upcycled seat belts by an artisan group in Malaysia. It makes the ideal travel wash bag, so if your dad is planning trips again, this is the ideal gift.

£45.00 in grey or white here

12. For the Explorer: Eco-Friendly and Vegan Upcycled Shoulder Bag

If your dad loves going out and exploring different places, the Donald Recycled Canvas Shoulder Bag is ideal. It’s handmade and has an adjustable strap. It’s fabric lined and big enough to fit an iPad or any other 7 inch tablet. Each item is unique because of the fabric used.

£68.00 available in olive here

13. For the dad who is always on the go: Bradley Upcycled Bike Messenger Bag

This bag has been designed with bike commuters in mind. If your dad cycles to work or is always on the go, this is the ideal gift. It is handmade using reclaimed bike tyres, truck inner tubes, and canvas. It features two internal compartments, including a padded compartment for a laptop. It can fit any laptop up to 15 inches.

£155.00 view here

14. Lone Rider Recycled Bike Chain Pendant Necklace

Do you and your dad enjoy mountain biking on the weekends? Do you have fond memories of cycling with your dad? The Lone Rider Recycled Bike Chain Pendant Necklace is a great gift option. It has been made from recycled bike parts from repair shops based in London.

£17.00 available with an Inner Tube Cord

15. For the Stylish Dad: Rio Inner Tube Bracelet

If your dad likes wearing bracelets or wristbands, the Rio Inner Tube Bracelet is a great present idea. It’s a simple strap of recycled rubber, and each item is unique because of the upcycled tyre markings and patterns. 

£18.00 available in sizes XS-L 

16. Riley Recycled Rubber Vegan Phone Case

For the dad who is always on the phone, the Riley Recycled Rubber Vegan Phone Case is great. It’s simple, elegant, and well made from reclaimed rubber from inner tyre tubes. This makes the case durable, which gives extra protection.

£18.00 available in black here 

17. For the Snappy Dresser: Multicolour Recycled Skateboard Square Cufflinks

Whether your dad is a Tony Hawk wannabe and has a connection to skateboarding, or wears a lot of suits for work, these cufflinks make a great gift. They are square in design and multicoloured, so they really standout. Each pair is unique because of the materials used.

£30.00 view them here

18. For the Worker Bee: Nebula Recycled Inner Tube Padded Vegan Laptop Bag

If your dad is always in the office or working from home in his study, the Nebula Recycled Inner Tube Padded Vegan Laptop Bag is great. It’s available in three different colours (black, olive, and grey) and is padded to protect the laptop.

£140.00 - view the different colour choices here

 19. Triplet Unisex Inner Tube Bracelet

The Triplet Unisex Inner Tube Bracelet features three distinct patterns on the same band, which makes it ideal for any dad who likes variety. It’s made from reclaimed inner tubes, which is a great alternative to leather and is just as durable (if not more durable). Each item is slightly different because of the materials used, which means it is a truly unique gift.

£23.00 available here in sizes XS-L 

20. For the Biker (mountain or motor): Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Vegan Belt (with patches)

This is a twist on our popular belt made from recycled motorbike tyres. It is made using punctured inner tubes from repair shops based in the UK. The design incorporates the puncture repair patches, with matching orange stitching. It is both stylish and unique in design, so is sure to be popular with both mountain biking and motorbiking dads.

£42.00 available here in sizes S-M 

21. Bicycle Cog Funky Keyring

This eco-gift is quirky and ideal for dads who love riding their bike on the weekend. It’s useful and funky looking, so if your dad likes gifts that are a little different, this is ideal. AND it’s available in four different colours (black, blue, red, and silver).

£12.00 view the full range here

22. Spencer Recycled Rubber Vegan Crossbody Bag (available in three sizes)

This simple yet sophisticated messenger bag is available in three sizes and features various compartments and zipped pockets so your dad can keep his possessions secure. There are two internal zip pockets and one slip pocket. It includes metal stud buttons and is unique in design because of the materials used. It’s available in sizes S-L. 

£78.00-£90.00 view here

23. For the Best Dog Dad in the World: Bubba Recycled Rubber Dog Vegan Keyring

Bubba makes a great guard dog for all your valuables and will help you find them. The pawsome handmade item is hard wearing because it is made from bus or truck tyre, which also makes it great for automotive enthusiasts.

£10.00 available here

24. For the Tour de France fans: Recycled Bike Chain Bracelet

Does your dad spend a portion of his summer engrossed in the Tour de France? Whether he’s a Bradley Wiggins wannabe or armchair spectator taking in the stunning views, we’ve got a great gift for you to consider. Our Recycled Bike Chain Bracelet has been made using chains sourced from shops in London. 

£22.00 available in sizes S-XXL here

25. For the Arnie Wannabe: Ranger Water Resistant Duffle Vegan Gym Bag

If your dad spends all his free time in the gym, this could be the perfect gift. It’s handmade and uses recycled canvas from military tents. This means it’s lightweight, water-resistant, and durable. It also doubles as a travel bag.

£110.00 available here

26. For Chefy Dad: Upcycled Handmade Small Wooden Bowl (2 patterns)

Does your dad love to cook? Our Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Small Bowls are the ideal serving dish for any foodie. They’re made from offcuts of hard woods such as teak, rosewood, and jackfruit.

£18.00 available in two different patterns here

27. For the Coffee Lover: Handmade Hexagon Wooden Coasters (set of 2 or 4 available)

Buying for the coffee lover should be easy, but if you’ve already got them a mug, different flavoured beans, or even a coffee maker, have you considered a coaster? This unique handmade coaster is limited edition and also made from hardwood offcuts.

£20.00 available in a set of 2 or 4 here

Are you planning to get your dad a vegan or eco-friendly gift for Father’s Day this year? We’d love to know what you end up choosing!

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